Rebel rocket attack kills five in Syria

Damascus: At least five civilians were killed on Wednesday by a fresh rebel rocket attack against a government-controlled neighbourhood in the northern city of Aleppo.
The attack targeted the al-Ashrafiya neighbourhood in the western part of Aleppo city.
The rocket firing was the latest in a series of shelling carried out by the militant groups against the government-controlled parts of Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city and once an economic hub.
It came just a day after the Syrian army backed by Russian air cover managed to break years of siege by the Islamic State (IS) group on the Kweiris airbase in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.
The state media and officials hailed the recent victory, saying it’s a prelude to opening more fronts against the IS militants in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.
Aleppo’s attack also came a day after the militant groups in the countryside of the coastal city of Latakia fired several rockets into Latakia’s city center, killing 22 and injuring over 60 others.