These are the reasons of infertility in Indian women

Vijayawada: Due to delay in marriage and the decision to postpone the birth of children which many couples in India adopt impressed by the western lifestyle, causes infertility.

According to the news published in The Hindu, Doctors at the Nova IVI Fertility (NIF), a fertility facility chain said that the decision to postpone the birth of children leads to infertility in many Indian women.

Talking to the media persons in a press conference during the launch of the city clinic to cater to the needs of the infertile couple, Dr. Manish Banker, co-Chairman and medical Director of NIF said that women after 30 years of age cannot have children easily.

He further said that due to change in lifestyle which includes late marriages, long working hours, eating junk food etc. , about 27-30 million couples in India face infertility problems.