Real Life Stories of Real War Heroes

BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited, a social enterprise based in Hyderabad, today launched “Indian War Heroes”, a mobile app with a library of interactive ‘Indian War Comics’ depicting the real life stories of Indian War Heroes in collaboration with Aditya Horizons, based in Delhi. Being first-of-its-kind app with library of engaging graphic novel content depicting heroic acts of our Indian Defence Forces, it is bound to inspire today’s children as well as youth and nurture values of patriotism.

Indian War Heroes app can be installed on Andriod as well as iOS devices. It presently has 5 digital interactive graphic novels and 12 Param Veer Chakra serial videos. More graphic novels and videos are slated to be added soon. Each graphic novel is made in-form of an interactive book with beautiful illustrations, background music, visual effects. Each panel is zoomed in for enhanced reading experience on all forms of mobile devices. The 1965 War and Capt. Bana Singh, PVC graphic novels come free with this free app. Further graphic novels can be purchased within the app with cost ranging between 30-45 INR per book. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as iTunes Store – users just need to search “Indian War Heroes”.

On the occasion, Aditya Horizons’ Mentor Major General Gagan Deep Bakshi, SM, VSM (Retd) said: “Any educational system must not just transmit knowledge but it must impart values like “Patriotism and Courage”, to do this, we had started the Indian war comic series on our Param Veer Chakra and Ashok Chakra winners; we want to present them to our children as Role Models for these values. Indian War Heroes app has added a global dimension to our Indian War Comic Series. We trust this app will not just expand the reach of our message, but also inspire the new tech-savvy generation with great inspiring stories and learning for life.” Promoter and Creative Director of Aditya Horizons, Aditya Bakshi said “Initially when we published hard copies of our comics, our target group was students from sixth class onwards. With this app, it is poised to grow multifold nurturing patriotism in every child, every youth and help us touch base with many more young readers”.

Mr. Samir Jain Co-Founder and Director of BodhaGuru Learning Private Ltd. added: “In my childhood days, I used to regularly watch Param Vir Chakra serial on TV and that has always inspired me. Today’s generation are digital natives and hooked on their smart-phones and tablets. When we first met Indian War Comics team, we were amazed and inspired with their passion to share the stories of Indian War Heroes through their beautifully designed graphic novels. We strongly believe that the Indian War Comics wrapped inside this mobile app and delivered through BodhaGuru Interactive Book Platform, will make these stories reach every house and enlighten today’s young minds.”

Ms. Anubha Jain Co-Founder and Director of BodhaGuru Learning Pvt. Ltd. summed-up the launch: “We are very proud to collaborate as a technology partner with Aditya Horizons Team. We dedicate this app to our Indian Defence Forces, who have sacrificed their lives to keepournation safe and secure from the enemies.”

Trust every Indian will download Indian War Heroes app and second us to salute our defense forces for their dedication, love, passion and sacrifices for our nation. Jai Hind!

About the partnering teams:
Indian War Comics(IWC), published by Aditya Horizons is the brain child of Major General Gagandeep Bakshi and his son Aditya Bakshi who has left behind a career in Merchant Navy to dedicate his entire time and attention to showcase stories of war and valor through print, video and other emerging mediums. So far seven stories have been brought to light by IWC Comics, based on real life stories of Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra winners the Real war heroes, who have laid down their lives for our country. “Values are not taught but caught,” is what Major General Bakshi believes and each Indian War Comic strives to propagate these essential “National Values.” Aditya takes special interest in working with institutions like schools, NGOs and self-help groups. Aditya Horizons finds digital apps and toys the next great way to expand their growth in market and connect with their target audience.

BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited (BodhaGuru), is a social enterprise co-founded by Mr. Samir Jain and Ms. Anubha Jain who are computer science engineers and passionate about usage of technology to improve the quality of education for school children. Team BodhaGuru is working with a dream to make school learning interesting, relevant, affordable and available to every child on this planet. BodhaGuru is a private limited company located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. Latest details about BodhaGuru and its initiatives are available on