Real face of Pak PM revealed, India calls off Foreign Ministers meeting in New York

New Delhi: Just a day after India and Pakistan’s foreign minister’s meeting in New York was announced, India has called off the meeting today after the abduction and murder of 3 unarmed policemen in South Kashmir was reported in the morning.

Citing the killing of the policemen, a foreign ministry spokesperson today said, “The true face of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been revealed to the world in his first few months in office,” HT reports.

India had agreed to Pakistan’s proposal for a meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries in New York next week in response to “the spirit reflected in the letters from the new Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Pakistan” said Raveesh Kumar foreign ministry spokesperson.

Kumar further said that this is the real face of Pakistan’s newly elected PM and he had revealed it in the first few months in the office.

“Any conversation with Pakistan in such an environment would be meaningless … In view of the changed situation, there will be no meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan in New York.

“Consequently, there would be no meeting between the foreign ministers any longer,” the government said.