Real Estate platforms helping tenants with end to end solutions

New Delhi: Traditional methods of leasing where the tenant and the property owner must meet to sign a contract and give out the keys are passing away.

Due to the hectic schedule, many people are unable to invest their time, money and energy to upkeep and maintain the property so they prefer property management firms.
These platforms help tenants with end to end solutions like renovation of the house, rent agreement, legal work, shifting etc.

Below mentioned platforms are bridging this gap to expedite the buyers/ sellers from the shifting woes:


Reniso offers a complete range of services from property monitoring, leasing, maintenance, renovation, sale/ purchase, loan & insurance services along with legal and advisory assistance. Right from property management work processes to smartly-designed, smooth and functional client interface that works basis a slew of complex algorithms, the platform ensures quality deliverable, adding to the customer delight.

This platform helps you save brokerage by connecting genuine house owners and genuine tenants without involving a broker. Flat owners and tenants can talk directly thus saving on brokerage. The tenant can look at the properties in their preferred locality and see details and amenities. has incorporated services like rent agreement which ensures comfort for end-users by getting the license (rent) agreement work done at home.


FastFox aggregates all available rental inventories through brokers, affiliates & home owners. Through current & historic data and Machine Learning FastFox selects & opens the most ‘rentable’ options for its customers after evaluating them on the basis of 108 diverse parameters. Customers are able to check the best options in a couple of hours, something that would have taken days or weeks earlier.

An online real estate advisor capable of serving all needs of consumers, developers and brokers with respect to buying selling and renting of homes. helps you shortlisting your favorite homes, assist you with home loans and property registrations.