Real authors of Constitution are people of India: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Dec. 1: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to mention the contribution of Indians to the framing of the Constitution of the country.

“I listened to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi talk about our Constitution a few days ago in the parliament. He mentioned Gandhi, he praised Ambedkar, he spoke about the contribution of Rajendra Prasad and Sardar Patel,” Gandhi said in Lok Sabha.

“He even had a couple of words for Nehru. While I listened to his speech, I could see how profoundly we differ in our thinking,” he added.

Gandhi also said that for Prime Minister Modi the people he mentioned were intellectual heroes to be worshiped. They had all the answers to India’s problems.

“For me what was heroic about the people Prime Minister Modi mentioned was their ability to listen to the people of India. They are my heroes not because they had all the answers but because they had the humility to ask the right questions,” he added.

Gandhi further said that for him the real authors of the constitution were people of the country Prime Minister did not talk much about.

“They are the people of India. Constitution gives all Indians fundamental rights. All of us here swore an oath to protect these rights for each one of our citizens,” he added. (ANI)