Reaction from people on social media depends on your opinion: Riteish

Mumbai: While social media has become a medium for celebrities to build their image, actor Riteish Deshmukh says it is a great platform for people to express their opinion and all the trolls and ranting that they face, depends on their stand on issues.

“You get reactions from people depends on your opinion and personality. People respond to you depends on if you are diplomatic, pro-active or controversial,” Riteish told media on Monday during a roasting session as a promotional event of his upcoming film “Bank Chor” in the presence of his co-actor Vivek Oberoi.

At this, Vivek quipped: “And anyway, we do not have much to do, so we do social media”

On yesteryears actress Geeta Kapoor being mistreated by his son and abandoned in a hospital on April 21, Riteish said: “First of all I am feeling bad to know that. I think as a fraternity, we all are ready to help her, we all should gather to help.”

He also faced journalists making fun of his acting skill, for doing some superflop films like “Humshakal” among others and seeking to know if basic criteria to enter film industry is to have good looks or a godfather and so on.

Directed by Bumpy, the film “Bank Chor” is releasing on June 16.