Reaching out to voters directly paid off for BJP: Ram Madhav

New Delhi: A key factor behind the re-election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister was the BJP’s ability to reach out directly to the voters, party General Secretary Ram Madhav said here on Saturday.

Madhav also compared the BJP’s electoral strategy to that of former US President Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama created an electoral mechanism to reach out to the voters directly. This brought about a qualitative change in the American elections. The BJP also thought about making the organisation capable of reaching out directly to the voters,” Madhav said at a book release function.

He said it was the strategy of BJP President Amit Shah that brought about a new dimension in politics.

“The elections, however, centred around Narendra Modi and there is no doubt in this matter,” he added.

Comparing India to other large democracies of the world, Madhav said that global politics has changed to the effect that there is rule of strong and authoritative leaders in most countries now.

“Wherever the leadership has been weak, governments have crumbled within a few months,” he said at the function held for the release of the book “Bharat Kaise Hua Modimaya” authored by senior journalist Santosh Kumar.

The book outlines the electoral strategy adopted by the BJP ever since Modi first came to power in 2014 till he was re-elected for a second term earlier this year.

Madhav spoke about how various welfare schemes of the Central government have directly benefited 23 crore families in the country.

“This amounts to nearly 40 crore voters who have been benefited. It was the duty of our booth level workers to convince the beneficiaries to vote for the BJP. We went directly to the voters with our report cards,” he said.

Madhav, who’s often described as a key figure in BJP’s think tank, said the country is passing through a phenomenon of transformative politics and it is necessary to study this phenomenon.

“It is said that politics divides. However, performance unites. We sent across the message in Uttar Pradesh — where we returned with a good number of Lok Sabha seats — that performing governance is greater than caste politics,” he added.