Re-conduct Math Paper: CBSE students demand retest

Central Board of Secondary Education was asked by hundreds of students across India to re-conduct the Class XII Mathematics examination after an “unexpectedly tough” question paper left many candidates in tears.

Hindustan Times was contacted by at least 20 students overnight through mail and many more contacted over WhatsApp. Students from state as well as from Jaipur and Jamshedpur challenged the CBSE to conduct an open forum to solve the paper.

“Students like me went prepared with more than 50 mock papers solved but after seeing the paper we went blank! Honestly it wasn’t a paper for a normal student,” said Amogh Mukhi from Delhi’s Sanskriti School.

“I am a humanities student and I am used to write long answers, but the mathematics paper was even longer than humanities subject paper,” wrote Muskan from Jaipur.

“CBSE is, in a way, playing with our future .One hand they say don’t put pressure on kids, other hand such papers are set. Why are NCERT books in school curriculam when they are not followed in paper setting?” asked Latika Panghal.

“Keeping all subjects on stake, we are practising for maths throughout the year and see what has happened. We are totally heartbroken and depressed and are not able to concentrate for the next exam,” she added.