RBI careful in releasing Rs. 2000 notes to banks, public in panic

Hyderabad: The currency notes of Rs. 2000 denomination have been disappearing not only from the market but also from the banks. Reserve Bank of India has been careful in maintaining secrecy in the release of these currency notes.

Mr. Niraj Viyas, Chief Operating Officer of RBI told that after the situation prevailed due to the demonetization, RBI was releasing Rs. 2000 currency notes but since last month, RBI has been releasing Rs. 500 currency notes instead of Rs. 2000 currency notes. The currency notes of Rs. 2000 are not available in ATMs also which is creating panic among the public.

No one is in a position to say where the currency notes of Rs. 2000 are going. Most of the people opined that many people who deposited demonetized currency notes have been successful in storing Rs. 2000 notes. Due to this reason, this currency notes have been disappearing from Banks and ATMs.

According to the details given by SBI, Rs. 60 lakh used to be deposited earlier in the form of Rs. 2000 currency notes but now only Rs. 22 lakh is being deposited.

–Siasat News