Razan Najjar, Palestinian nurse shot dead by Israeli troops near Gaza fence

GAZA: A Palestinian woman has been shot dead by Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border fence, in another day of protests and violence, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Razan Al-Najjar, 21,  a mother and a nurse was shot near Khan Yunis on Friday as she was attempting to help a wounded protester at the Gaza border, bringing the toll of Gazans killed by Israeli fire since the end of March to 123.

According to health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra, Najjar was a volunteer with the ministry, wearing the white uniform of a medic when she was shot in the chest. “Shooting at medical personnel is a war crime under the Geneva conventions,” the PMRC said in a statement, demanding “an immediate international response to Israeli humanitarian law violations in Gaza”.

Her father held her white, blood-stained medics’ jacket she wore when she was fatally shot as thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of medical crews took part in the procession bids farewell to the martyr of humanitarian work.

Speaking to TRT World at the funeral, Najjar’s mother said, “I want all the world to wake up and see, what was the guilt of my daughter? What was her crime for this to happen to her? They killed her on purpose.”

The Paramedic Al-Najjar was a popular figure at the protest sites and pictures depicting her as an angel circulated on Palestinian social media platforms.


It was the worst flare-up since the 2014 war in Gaza and followed weeks of deadly demonstrations and clashes along the border, beginning on 30 March.

AFP inputs