Ravish Kumar on #MaiBhiChawkidaar campaign

Ravish Kumar on #MaiBhiChawkidaar campaign

NEW DELHI: Senior anchor, journalist and writer Ravish Kumar took a jibe at the ongoing he election Mai Bhi Chowkidaar campaign on his Prime Time show.

Recently, PM Narendra Modi had started a campaign #MaiBhiChawkidaar, which the BJP has claimed to be a big success.

Ravish Kumar in one of his video about the campaign #MaiBhiChawkidaar, said that keeping a prefix with our name Chawkidaar is very easy but the actual life of the Chawkidaar is totally different.

He said “Agar Campaign Ke Liye Catchline Likhne Walon Ka Ye Abhiyaan Saphal Hi Hona Hai, To Isi Bahane In Chawkidaaron Ke Jeewan Me Bhi Bahar Ajana Chahiye.” (If this drive of the catchline writers has to be success then a spring should come in the life of Watchmans)

Watch the video what Ravish Kumar said about the chawkidaars of the campaign and the real chawkidaars: