Ravish Kumar on: Independence, should Rohingya be deported?

Ravish Kumar on: Independence, should Rohingya be deported?

New Delhi: India had been fighting for independence for around a century from 1857-1947. But Universities of our nation getting afraid of terms like independence?

It is quite possible that seminars taking place in Universities on topics like democracy be dismissed, in the near future. Will that time arrive soon when dictatorship would prevail?

In one such incident, a festival was to take place named “Liberty” in Allahabad University but denied by its Vice-chancellor after giving permission. So what is going on in this country, why people are not free to talk their opinions?

Should Rohingyas be deported:

There are five lawyers in favour of Rohingya and will argue in the court about the Centre’s decision of deporting the refugees. The hearing will take place on October 3 in this regard. Tushar Mehta, Additional Solicitor, has been involved till now on the issue.

On the other hand, K N Govindacharya, a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak, has said that if not deported, Rohingyas can lead to another partition in the country. Another Chennai organisation, Indic Collective Trust has said that ‘Rohingyas can be a security threat’.

There is no single law in India which permits anyone to deport a refugee in case he ran away from persecution in his country.

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