Ravish Kumar criticises the hackers, “my words will keep haunting you”

New Delhi: Ravish Kumar a senior journalist back lashes the recent hacking on Saturday night of his twitter account, by the group that calls itself as “the legion.”

He said in his latest blog that people should make all efforts to find out who the group of hackers are. “Whoever is trying to scare journalists are actually trying to scare the public,” he said in his blog titled “hum fakir nahin hain jo jhola lekar chal de.”

He also said that his name must be creating such fear in the minds of these people that they resort to such abusive language on his twitter handle.

“You can imagine the fear of my words among these group that even though I have stopped tweeting for last one year, trolls still come to abuse me on my timeline,” he said.

He further said that they need to be taken to a doctor. “How useless can somebody be to be hacking someone’s account and deriving pleasure out of it,” he said.

Kumar wrote that “these bunches of cowards sit inside the headquarter of a political party and indulge in such activities. He doubted that if the culprit will ever be traced. “When the hacker of Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account has not been traced, then who care for us.”

He advised the people that nobody is safe in these times and that they should ensure stronger protection of their email accounts and other social media accounts.

“If you want to remain safe in these difficult times, you don’t just need to change your passwords, you also need to change your political beliefs from time to time,” said Kumar.

Kumar adds, “I will write anew. Whether I am read or not, I shall continue to write. I am not a faqir, who’ll just pick up his bag and leave, but am the lakeer (the line) that when is drawn leaves a deep mark, which will last centuries.”

The senior journalist, Barkha Duties account was also hacked by the same group. The group tweeted out from the hacked accounts using offensive language and gave out email account details of the both Kumar and Dutt.