Ratio of divorce low in Muslims compared to other religions, online survey begins

Hyderabad: Ratio of divorce is low in Muslims compared to other religions. If the 2011 census is reviewed it becomes clear that the ratio of divorce among Muslim is 0.56 in proportion to their population while the ratio among non-Muslims is a bit higher i.e. 0.76.

While the discussion on triple talaq is on, it was observed that there is no comprehensive study or survey to understand the trends and the actual reality with regard to the subject. Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy headed by Abu Saleh Shariff, member secretary with the Sachar Committee Report has embarked on a survey of Muslim marriages, divorce, including the now controversial oral triple talaq and family relationships.

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions being spread about Muslims marriages, divorce and marriage practices. Hence it is imperative to conduct a survey on this issue.
Muslim men and women can help gather correct information by taking part in the survey. They can visit http://crddpsurvey.in to take part in the survey.

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