Rashtrapati Nilayam opened for general public

The Rashtrapati Nilayam, Bollarum, Secunderabad, an abode of the President of India during his southern sojourn, has been open for General Public from 2nd to 15 January from 10 am to 4 pm.

It is customary that the RP Nilayam will be kept open for general public soon after the departure of the President of India after his southern sojourn. Spread over 76 acres of land, the beautiful building is a structural marvel. It has a herbal garden, with 116 varieties of plants with unique medicinal properties.

The visitors have been requested to remain disciplined and not cause any damage or cross the barricades leading to the restricted areas. They are also requested not to bring any eatables including water bottles, brief cases, handbags, mobiles, radio/transistors, arms and ammunition with them. However, food and snack stalls have been established for the convenience of the visitors.

Guides will be available at the RP Nilyam who will brief the visitors about the campus. Visitors entry will be through Gate No.2 and Exit through Gate No.1, according to a press release.