Rapists are mostly acquaintances, family members: Delhi Police

New Delhi: Of over 2,000 rapes that occurred in the national capital in 2015, 96.61% were committed by people who had an “acquaintance” with the victim or “family members”, said the annual report of Delhi Police released on Monday.

“Analysis of rape cases occurred in Delhi reveals that 2,024 rapes were committed by persons having acquaintance with the victim or her family members. Only in 71 cases, strangers were involved,” the report said.

It said a total of 2,095 rape cases were reported in 2015 (up to December) as compared to 2,085 in the corresponding period of 2014.

“At least 5,192 cases of molestation against women were registered during 2015, a bit high compared to last year’s 4,322 cases. Out of these cases, 70.15 percent cases were solved. Though the registered crime against women grew a bit, 70 percent cases were solved within a fortnight,” the report said.