Rape Survivor Shot Dead in Uttar Pradesh 2 Days Before Court Hearing

MAU (UTTAR PRADESH): An 18-year-old rape survivor was shot dead today – two days before she was to appear as witness — allegedly by bike-borne youths in Baijapur village in Dakshintola area. The girl’s family has alleged that she was killed on the orders of the accused, the police said.

The locals and the family held a protest, blocking the Baliya Highway and stopping traffic movement.

The girl and her brother was going to visit a doctor when the attack took place. She died on the spot, sources said.
The girl was allegedly raped on June 6, 2011, by BK Singh, the manager of a local college where she was a student, the police said.

One of the influential men in the area, he had been putting pressure on the girl’s family demanding that they withdraw the case, which is being heard by a local court.

The family members alleged that BK Singh had even got the police to frame the girl’s brother in a murder case. The man killed was the peon of the college and the family claims that BK Singh was involved in the murder.

The family also alleges that the manager had earlier repeatedly raped the girl’s elder sister. She committed suicide after she became pregnant.

“We are investigating the case and the guilty will not be spared,” said senior Superintendent of Police, Sunil Kumar.