Ranveer Singh is Quirkier than Others in Bollywood: Kunal Rawal

Mumbai: Menswear designer Kunal Rawal, who has styled the likes of Shahid Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra and Ranbir Kapoor, feels younger actors of Bollywood know how to match their clothes with their personality. He finds Ranveer Singh’s fashion very quirky.

“I think all the younger actors are very clued in into what their fashion personalities are and they know what works for them. All stars have a certain X-factor and that translates into their fashion personalities because they all have different body types,” Rawal told IANS.

The new-age designer praised actor Ranveer’s style, saying the actor has done a great job with his wardrobe.

“He (Ranveer) is slightly quirkier than the rest. I think they all have their own style and they incorporate their looks, personality and costume to what they are comfortable with,” he said.

Rawal feels Ranveer pushes his fashion game every time.

“And that’s what fashion is about, having fun with your clothes, wearing your personality, not being scared because it is not for someone else it is for yourself,” he said.

The designer is showcasing his latest menswear collection titled ‘The Race of Separates’ presented by Lamborghini at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017, which began here on Wednesday.

His range consists of kurtas that fit like jackets (Jacket Kurtas), an Indian three piece set (kurta-jacket-sherwani), high low kurtas and longline bundis.

Talking about his collection, Rawal said: “Basically it’s a collection which is modern Indian. It is very contemporary Indian, that’s how I like it. I feel like me, even my customer, is looking for luxury and key pieces. Hence, I have made my looks with separates.

“I believe a lot in luxurious key pieces in a look and everything else can just sort of be a background for the look.”
The designer says these pieces can be worn in multiple looks.

As of now, he feels menswear is at a promising stage in the country.

“There is so much cross-cultural inspiration and all the clothes are very modern and have touches of global fashion… That has made men more fashion conscious and aware,” he said.

He says that Indian men today have evolved in terms of their fashion quotient.

“They have become wiser and bolder. They are far more involved in what they wear compared to taking help from others,” he said.
But what about menswear fashion week in the country?

“I think something like this is very market driven. The menswear market has grown tremendously and has proved itself in numbers,” he said.

The designer thinks menswear in India is going to be far more structured gradually.

“The market, customer, requirement and wants have changed. For a very long time, you had designers using women’s wear fabric on menswear clothing and doing few menswear looks in their collection. But even women’s wear designers having menswear that itself shows you how the menswear market has grown,” he added.