Ranchi: Wealthy couple abandons newborn boy after Astrologer advises to

Ranchi: Believing in superstitions is not something new in our society with the majority of people blindly believing some or the other superstition be it for money or children.

Similar is the case of a wealthy couple from Ranchi who left their newborn child with the welfare committee after an astrologer told that he would bring misfortunes and bad luck.

The couple also requested the child welfare committee to exchange the newborn boy with a girl to which the committee refused, TOI reports.

“The family came hoping to exchange the boy for a girl. When we informed them that it is not legal, they said they wanted to surrender the child,” said CWC member Srikant Kumar.

It was when the couple was counseled, the CWC members learned that they were following what the astrologer cautioned them about. After knowing the superstitious beliefs of the couple, the CWC members decided to keep the child rather than returning them back to his parents.

According to Kumar poor couples who can not feed their child or do not want to look after a girl child leave their child with CWC.

“This is the first time we have dealt with the case of a well-off family coming to surrender a boy child,” he said.

He added, “Initially, the couple said they were expecting a girl as a reincarnation of an aunt who had died recently. It was the astrologer who advised them against keeping the child.”

“She told us that her in-laws said she could return to their home only if she got rid of the child,” Kumar said.

“As with any other case, they have 60 days during which they can take the child back. If they fail to do so, the child will be declared legally free and given for adoption,” he added.