Ranbir, Katrina became more professional after split: Anurag

Mumbai: Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif made sure their break-up did not affect the shoot of their upcoming comedy-drama “Jagga Jasoos”, director Anurag Basu has revealed.

Ranbir and Katrina parted ways earlier this year after a long courtship. Gossip mills have since been abuzz that their split had made it difficult for the director to finish the film.

Rubbishing the reports, Anurag said the actors became more professional post the break up in order to not let the filming get hampered.

“Rather they (Ranbir and Katrina) became more professionals so that the work doesn’t get affected. They were more concerned that the their personal equation or relationship doesn’t become a hurdle for the film,” Anurag told PTI.

“We were shooting and were amazed with the stories that used to come about them (Ranbir and Katrina) and the delay. Also, reports that they are not sharing vanity van came out but they were never sharing vans,” the “Barfi” hemler said.

Anurag was, in fact, surprised the way Ranbir and Katrina behaved on the sets.

“I was surprised… They acted as if nothing is wrong and they are absolutely fine. I was concerned with what was being captured on camera and not with what happened between them.”

“They are so professional. In the past (also), we have seen actors, who have broken up and still worked together,” he said.

The 42-year-old “Life in a Metro” director is well aware that during the promotions of “Jagga Jasoos”, focus would be on his lead stars’ personal life.

“The focus will be on their personal life. I can’t help it. The film will be marketed and they will go out to promote it and questions about their personal life will be raised. I don’t know how they are going to face it and how will I do it.

“(But) it disheartens me. I think audience is smart. By bringing or focusing on all these things (personal life) you can’t bring audience to theatres. It doesn’t happen,” he added.