Ranbir Kapoor willing to do Pakistani films

Lahore: Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor would like to work in a Pakistani movie, given it is a “quality” project with a great story.

Ranbir and Deepika Padukone interacted with the Pakistani media via a video conference arranged here on Friday as a part of the promotional drive for their film “Tamasha” that hits both Indian and Pakistani theatres on November 27.

The 33-year-old “Barfi!” star said he was open to the idea of working in a Pakistani film. “I can look at a quality project with a great story.”

“My family has always worked for the welfare of cinema. It is true that the Indian film industry is bigger compared to Pakistan s industry. The promotion and well-being of film culture in the region is the responsibility of local artists,” he said during the video chat

There has been a speculation in the Pakistani entertainment industry about a possible appearance by the duo at their film’s Karachi premiere.

The young star noted that his family elders have in the past paid numerous visits to Pakistan for both professional and personal reasons.

“Even I want to visit. There are so many cities and locations that I have to see,” Ranbir said.

He added there was no competition between Pakistan and India films and both should work for the promotion of film culture in the region.

The actor hopes “Tamasha” would turn the tide as it is does not have a cliched story and music.

“The audience will not forget the film’s music for years to come.” Ranbir said he would love to see Pakistani audiences turn up in large numbers for his film and make it a big success.

Deepika, 29, said the Imtiaz Ali-directed movie is a family film with a very interesting story that has something for all sections of the society.

The actress said it is a film, which has a strong portrayal of a woman, who never compromises on truth and added she was keen to see how women like the film, especially her role.