Ramzan food tips: What to eat in Sehri and Iftar

As this year, Ramzan is going to be in the peak of summer, it is important to note what to eat in Sehri and Iftar to maintain energy level.

Both the meals – Sehri and Iftar – should be a well balanced one containing items from vegetables, cereals, meat, dairy products and fruits.

According to the report published in Khaleej Times, Sehri need to be such that it provide enough energy and keeps you hydrated. Protein rich food like eggs, fiber rich food like Oat and Calcium & Vitamin rich food dairy products are suitable for Sehri. Yoghurt keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Salty food and caffeinated drinks should be avoided.

It is also reported that in Iftar, potassium rich fruits should be consumed. Dates are excellent to break fast as it instantly gives energy and hydrate quickly. Hydrating vegetable such as cucumber should be consumed as it keeps your body cool. High sugar and fried foods should not be consumed. Carbonated drinks should also be avoided. Coconut will be good to keep hydrated.