Rampur nawab’s assets worth Rs 2650 cr to be divided as per Sharia rules

Bareilly: The court battle over the division of properties of the erstwhile nawab of Rampur that worth Rs. 2650 crore has finally come to an end. It has been decided that the assets will be divided based on Sharia rules.

After hearing the arguments in the case which began in 1972, the court of Rampur district judge has given the judgment on ‘partition scheme’, Times of India reported.

Raza Ali Khan was the nawab of the princely state of Rampur from 1930 to 1966. He had let Rampur join the Indian union in 1949. Later, the erstwhile princely state was merged into Uttar Pradesh.

After his death, nawab’s eldest son, Murtaza Ali Khan, was recognized as the sole inheritor. However, unhappy siblings of Murtaza had knocked at the doors of the courts in 1972. Since then the legal battle continued.

Assets of nawab of Rampur

The assets of the nawab include intricate designs, gemstudded swords, and handcrafted knives which were found in an armoury located in Khasbagh Palace. It also includes vintage cars imported from the US and Europe.

His immovable properties include the 200-acre Benazir Bagh palace, Sarhari Kunda palace, Shahbad Bagh palace, and a private railway station.