Ramdev inaugurates three-day free yoga camp

Motihari: A three-day yoga-cum- meditation camp was inaugurated by Yoga guru Baba Ramdev here today as part of Champaran Satyagrah centenary celebrations.

Baba Ramdev said that apart from giving people various tips and techniques of ‘yoga’, he would also consider the possibility of setting up industries and academic institutions in Bihar.

The three-day yoga camp is being organised by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali where people would be given tips, technique and art of doing ‘Yoga’ exercise free of cost.

On the first day itself, Ramdev gave different tips of doing various forms of ‘yoga’ to thousands of people including elders, youths, women and children at Gandhi Maidan here.

Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Radha Mohan Singh, on whose invitation Ramdev organised the camp, also learnt the lessons of yoga from him.

While giving yoga tips to the people, he emphasised the importance of yoga exercise in one’s life and asked people to adopt ‘yoga’ to be mentally and physically strong. It helps in fighting disease like obesity, cancer, gas, constipation, he added.

There is a glaze on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face despite putting in 18 hours a day, Ramdev said adding that it is because of ‘yoga’ which the PM has been doing since his childhood.

Not only this, even BJP president Amit Shah has also shed 20 kg due to yoga, he added.

On the demand made by local people to set up sugar mill and litchi processing unit in the district, the yoga guru said that he would consider the possibility of setting up industries and academic institutions in Bihar.

“I have a deep attachment with Bihar and I become Bihari when I visit Bihar. There are a plenty of opportunities and talents in the state. There will be ‘Yoga and Udyog’ in Bihar,” Ramdev said.

Ramdev will be visiting places related to Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran satyagraha and other places in the district during his three-day yoga programme.

Ramdev had yesterday praised the decision of total prohibition by the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar.

“It is a good step,” Ramdev had said while emphasising popularisation of yoga will help people shun the habit of alcohol consumption.

Speaking on the occasion, the Union Agriculture minister said that it was Baba Ramdev who popularised ‘Yoga’ but it did not have recognition in 193 member UN body but due to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts, International Yoga day is being observed across the world on June 21.