Ramdev gives a message of unity, equality in ‘initiation’ fest

Haridwar [Uttarakhand]: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said he wants to spread the message of unity and equality through the four-day-long “Deeksha’ festival being held here in Uttarakhand .

The Yoga guru will on March 25, the last day of the fest, initiate at least 85 people from all caste, creed, gender, and culture .

According to Baba Ramdev, the Deeksha festival will debunk all kinds of myths in the society regarding the difference between male and female gender .

Ramdev said: “In the Sanatan dharma religion in the country, there is no differentiation on the basis of gender . I can say this because I have read Vedas, Vedanta and found no such thing written in the scriptures . This Deeksha advocates gender equality .”

He further asserted that the festival suggested that there is no difference between people on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender and culture . We have given the message of unity and that all are equal .

According to the guru, the Deeksha on March 25 will make the sanyasis capable of serving the nation and contribute towards the welfare of the society .

Yoga guru Balakrishna on the occasion also focused on the importance of ‘initiation’ in the Indian society and said: “Sanyas has always had a vital place in the Indian culture . While there is a decrease in ‘initiation’ culture in today’s time, we have been trying to revitalise and inculcate it in people .”

It is an ancient tradition and we have prepared the sanyasis to carry forward the thousands of years old tradition .(ANI)