Raman Singh mocks Rahul, says he lost 26 elections since 2013

Raman Singh mocks Rahul, says he lost 26 elections since 2013
Photo: ANI

Chhattisgarh: While addressing a rally in poll-bound Chhattisgarh on Sunday, Chief Minister Raman Singh came down heavily on the Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying that he had lost 26 elections out of 28 conducted since 2013 in the country.

While addressing a rally in Kargikalan at Kota Tehsil in Bilaspur district of the State, Singh said, “Since 2013, 28 elections have taken place in the country, out of which he (Rahul Gandhi) has lost 26 of them.”

He added, “The Congress party tries to copy the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but they forget that even for copying one would needs brains.”

Attacking the Congress party, he said, “My friends from Congress are lying and spreading rumors, they want to remove me from the Chief Minister’s post, their whole and the sole target is to come to power. They kept on ranting Gareebi Hatao (Eradicate Poverty), but what they did made the poor even poorer.”

He further said that the Congress tries to portray itself as the well-wishers of the farmers but on the contrary, farmers in Congress-ruled states are being tortured for repayment of loans.

“The Congress leaders are carrying holy water ‘Gangajal’ because no one is ready to listen to them. The Congress has gone missing from the map of India,” said Singh while talking to ANI.
He also highlighted the efforts made by his government in the areas of food security and health.

“To eradicate poverty first and foremost we need to solve the food problem, for which our government launched CM Khadya Suraksha Yojna, next we launched the Chief Minister Swasth Suraksha Yojana so that no poor have to face difficulty in procuring treatment from hospitals,” he added.

“We have brought better infrastructure including road network and electricity and also schools and hospitals. Only BJP talks about development,” he said.