Raman Singh announces road development projects during Vikas Yatra rally

Dhamtari: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Wednesday made announcements of upcoming road development projects, under the Vikas Yatra, for Dhamtari area.

Speaking at a public rally he said, “Not only a bypass, but a grid of world-class six-lane roads under the Bharatmala scheme will be constructed and will boost the connectivity of the area.”

The Chief Minister went on to say that the Vikas Yatra had been an exceptional experience for him over the years, adding that the people of his state take a lot of pride in it.

“From cobblers to vegetable sellers, everyone who attends the Vikas Yatra comes with a lot of pride. Vikas Yatra welcomes all. Throughout my 15 years in politics, Vikas Yatra has been an exceptional experience.”

Claiming that Congress had tried to thwart the progress of Vikas Yatra and took the matter to the High Court, he said, “To stop the Vikas Yatra, a petition was filed to immediately stop it, but the High Court said there’s no need for it, there’s no stooping the Vikas Yatra.”

“I don’t understand the logic behind going to the High Court for it. I have distributed 1700 Cr among 12 lakh farmers, does Congress want to stop that? 104 Cr bonus for Dhamtari, does Congress want to put stop to this? I find it very strange,” he added.

The Chief Minister, during his Vikas Yatra, will also distribute free pesticides to 5.5 lakh labourers, as well as providing smartphones to as many as 50 lakh families as part of the Sanchar Kranti Yojna project. (ANI)