Ramadan fasting makes me honest – Sujata Patil, Inspector of Police

Mumbai: Sujata Patil, a senior police inspector in kherawadi police station located in Bandra East is in the news these days as she keeps fasts in the holy month of Ramzan even though she is not a Muslim. And her practice of keeping fasts in Ramzan didn’t occurred for the first time, but she has been practicising this for the past 25 years.

It has now become her routine in every Ramzaan to wake up around 4 am in the morning in order to have her sehri (the pre dawn light meal) and breaks the fast in evening(iftaar time) as per the Muslim culture. Just like any other Muslim does, sujata also waits for this holy month of Ramzan every year and fast with full faith and devotion. This has gained her a lot of respect among the Muslim community.

What made her gain interest in the Muslim culture is her visits to the shrine of suni saint Babu Jama in kolhapur. She use to accompany her father to the shrine since she was a child. She tells that it gives her strength to be cool and calm and also helps her in being an honest person. The spirit of being tolerant and being a inclusive has been imbibed by her she since she was a child and use to visit the sufi places.

Many Muslims have also witnessed her fasting every Ramzan with full devotion inspite of the fact that this custom has nothing to do with her religion and is not a mandate for her. One of the social worker based in Dharavi Shaikh Fakhrul Islam said that he got very much touched by the way this lady police inspector who being a non Muslim, practice the Ramzan fasting with all her heart and soul.


–courtesy “Muslim Mirror”