Ramadan 2018: shortest and longest fasting in the world

New Delhi: Muslims around the world fast from predawn to dusk during Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, with the length of the fast depending on the season and latitude of the place.

The longest duration of fast this year will be in Greenland which is 21 hours 2 minutes. Shortest fasting will be in Argentine with 11 hours 32 minutes. Iceland will fast for 21 hours, Finland for 19 hours 56 minutes and Norway for 19 hours 48 minutes.

Denmark will have approximately 19 hours of fasting this year. Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will have 18 hours of fasting, while Muslims observing Ramadan in Spain will fast for 17 hours.

In Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, fasting will occur for 15 hours while Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya will fast for 16 hours. Meanwhile, in Sudan, Muslims will fast for 13 hours.

In Asia, most Muslims will fast for 14-16 hours. Pakistan and Bangladesh will fast for 14 hours, while India will fast for 15. Australia will fast for 12 hours as it is approaching its winter.

Muslims in the United States and Canada will fast for 16 to 19 hours, depending on their exact location. Muslims in Brazil and Argentina will fast for 12 hours.