Ram won’t vote: Farooq Abdullah taunts BJP over temple issue

New Delhi: Taking a strong exception to the verbal volleys by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders on the Ram Temple issue, National Conference president Farooq Abdullah on Thursday said not Ram or Allah but people’s vote will help in winning elections.

“They (BJP) feel Ram will win them the election. It’s not the Ram or Allah that wins you the election, it’s the people who vote and make you win elections,” Abdullah said when asked for his views on Ram Temple issue.

“It’s not the questions of temples, mosques or gurudwaras, this nation has all these religions and every religion has got a place in this nation,” he said.

Farooq, who came to New Delhi along with his son Omar Abdullah, said that the Opposition should talk and find a way forward in forging an alliance for the upcoming elections.

“It’s not a question of the anti-BJP front. Where is the dollar? Where is the economy? What is happening in RBI? Can you see that?” said Farooq when asked about the opposition’s possible alliance.

“It’s a question of uniting together, talking together and finding a way forward,” he added.

Abdullah further said the opposition leaders were meeting in the quest to save the nation. “It’s a question of saving the nation. It’s a question of individuals coming together,” he said.

“Why not?,” commented Abdullah, when asked if so many ideologies coming together will work. “Everything can work out, there is nothing that can’t work out,” he added.

Speaking on the Budgam encounter, in which two terrorists were killed, Abdullah said, “How do you win the hearts of people, with the gun? Terrorism will be there, you have to fight and also talk to people and win them.”

Commenting on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath claim that Jammu and Kashmir was peaceful as long as it was governed by a Hindu ruler, Abdullah said, “These are all to create hatred amongst people.