Dr Ram Puniyani speaks on Beef & Violence in India

India has seen a lot of cow-related violence in the recent past. It was found in a research done by IndiaSpend, a Mumbai based NGO, that 86% of Muslims were killed in the cow-violence in the country since 2010. The barbaric incidents increased to several folds after 2014. Akhlaq Ahmad, a 15-year-old boy Junaid, Pehlu Khan were among some of the victims, who lost their lives.

Moreover, there were incidents of lynching people who found transporting the cattle for dairy purposes. Attempts were made to disrupt the harmony across the states.

Cow meat consumption in ancient times:

Dr Ram Puniyani explains how beef had been consumed in the ancient times. While highlighting a book ‘The Myth of Holy Cow’ written by Prof. AN Jhan -a prominent historian- Dr Puniyani says that beef was eaten in the Vedic period and it was used for giving a sacrifice. He further denied claims that consumption of beef was introduced by Mughals and Muslims in the country. Mughal emperors such as Akbar and Babar, in order to value Hindu sentiments, banned the slaughter of cows.