Ram Mandir yatra started, to cover six states and conclude in Tamilnadu

Ayodhya: The Ram Rajya Rath Yatra event organised by Maharashtra- based Shri Ramdas Mission Universal Society was attended by BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders in Ayodhya.

The rath yatra is to cover six states and conclude at Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu on March 22.

According to the news reported in NDTV, Lallu Singh, BJP MP from Faizabad, yodhya’s BJP Mayor Rishikesh Upadhyay and leaders of local party units attended the ceremony along with VHP secretary (central) Ashok Tiwari, several sants and religious leaders.

All of them who participated in the event took the pledge to build Ram temple on the disputed site in Ayodhya and also include Ramayana in school syllabus, declare Thursday as the official weekly off in the place of Sunday and observe ‘National Hindu Day’.

Maharishi Shanta Bandhi of the Shri Ramdas Mission Universal Society, the chief organiser of the yatra, said that “It is not our fault that the election is coming up. We are not holding this yatra to campaign for the BJP.”

However, politbureau member of CPM said that “Communal polarisation is the political plank on which BJP and Modi, especially the RSS, is dependent on.” He called the idea as ‘divisive’.

Sharad Sharma, spokesperson of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said that “The intention is that a grand Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya”.

The yatra is to start from UP and pass through MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and conclude at Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu.