Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and Ram Rajya in India, vows Togadia

Hyderabad: International Secretary of VHP, Pravin Togadia while addressing a meeting at Hanuman Vyayamshala in Sultan Bazar at the end of Shobha Yatra told that Ram Mandir would be constructed in Ayodhya and Ram Rajya would be established in the country. He also made derogatory remarks against the founder of Moghal Empire, Zaheeruddin Babar and said that there is no need for any monument of Babar since he did not belong to India. He was from Mongolia.

He further told that Ayodhya is the only birthplace of Bhagwan Rama and no one can change it. No masjid would be constructed in Ayodhya and there is no scope for any negotiations. He threatened that no power of the world can stop construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. He pointed out that for the past 70 years, no Govt. made any attempt to construct Ram Mandir or to establish Ram Rajya. 95 lakh Muslim students are getting financial assistance whereas 6 crore Hindu students do not get any such aid. Due to the negligence of the Govt., more than 15 crore Hindu youths are unemployed in the country and no steps are being taken for providing them jobs.

Togadia met with disappointment when there was less number of audience in the meeting. Shobha Yatra was started from Sitaram Bagh Temple. BJP MLA, Raja Singh presided over Shobha Yatra. Passing through various localities, Shobha Yatra reached Begum Bazar where Raja Singh addressed the gathering. In his address, Raja Singh told that he is prepared to go to Ayodhya for the construction of Ram Mandir. He told that the regime of Mullah ended and the governance of Yogi has started.

Chief Guest of this function, Braj Mohan Maharaj who had come especially from Brindawan opposed giving 12% reservation to Muslims in the State. He said that political parties are taking such steps for vote bank politics. He also told that the parties which lured the Muslims with various schemes and subsidies got a befitting reply in UP. He also criticized CM of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee and said that she is harassing the Hindus in the State. She would be taught a befitting reply in the next elections. He told that Muslims are being provided facilities through various schemes in the State. He said that cow slaughter should be banned since a large number of cows are slaughtered in Hyderabad.

Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police, Mr. M. Mahender Reddy had made tight security arrangements. He monitored the arrangements directly. Saffron coloured flags were erected at various places in the city. Many youths were passing through the roads shouting “Jai Sri Ram” slogans. At the end of Shobha Yatra, some miscreants threw Gulal and water bottles at Masjid Malakunta in Mozam Jahi Market which created panic. The local residents informed about it to Begum Bazar police.

–Siasat News