Ram Gopal Yadav: Women Will Hit Modi With A Belan

Delhi: Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sitaram Yechury to Anand Sharma, almost every opposition minister have blamed Modi for the hardships of the common man during a debate in the Rajya Sabha on demonetisation. Samajwadi Party’s leader Ram Gopal Yadav’s comment went way ahead of everyone.

Yadav said, “If you go to villages today to ask for votes, women will pick up their belans (rolling pins) beat him.”

“Women have died of heart attacks after losing their small savings. Vegetable sellers had to throw away their rotten vegetables because no one would bought them,” he added.

“No one accepts Rs. 2,000 note in villages,” he said.

Yadav also said that Delhi’s usually crowded Khan Market had been empty for the last few days because people didn’t have cash.

“This did not happen even during the emergency. The common man has become a beggar,” he said.

“So many people have died in the last few days. I appeal to the BJP to look at the lines in front of banks in villages,” he added.