Rally for Rivers in Hyderabad

The Rally for Rivers held its large awareness event here with representatives of Telangana government participating.On the morning of September 15, the Hyderabad leg of the River Rally also saw Sadhguru on a bike rally along a 9km stretch on Necklace Road, starting at Jal Vihar at 7am. He was accompanied by 80 bikers, a group that included nine women and all belonging to Wanderers, a Hyderabad based motor cycle club. Later in the morning, Sadhguru also attended an event that had been organised by The Siasat Daily and the well-regarded Old City NGO COVA (Confederation of Voluntary Associations). The meeting was attended by leaders as well as many students of the Muslim community. Present were Cleric Maulana Sadiq Mohiuddin; Zahid Ali Khan, the Chief Editor of Siasat; and Vishweshwara Reddy, MP, TRS. Mazhar Hussain of COVA welcomed Sadhguru to the event saying “We called you to a meeting, this is now a mission. Cleric Maulana Sadiq Mohiuddin quoted and spoke of the teachings of the Quran, saying that water was one of the gifts of the Almighty to life on Earth. All life depends on water, we must respect and value it. Without wazu (ritual cleansing), you cannot offer prayer. It is advised that man should protect water, not pollute it or waste it”. He thanked Sadhguru for taking up Rally for Rivers and addressed the Muslim community: “We should participate in this, and we should do anything we can. We owe it to our future generations.” (Photo: Zabi)