Rakhi’s new admirer

Mumbai, June 03: Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has found a new admirer. And mind you, the latest one is none other than the superstar Salman Khan himself. On one of the recent shoots for his show DUS KA DUM, Salman was seen openly defending Rakhi Sawant against the accusations hurled by Mika Singh who was also present on the show.

Rakhi spots a big smile

Salman was quite forthcoming about Rakhi’s popularity which he thinks is purely the result of her tremendous hard work. Though Mika was not flattered by such comments, but it seems Rakhi has surely made the superstar melt in his favour.

With Salman going gaga over Rakhi’s talent, the rumour mills are already working overtime about the motive behind Salman’s new found admiration for Rakhi Sawant.