Rajya Sabha: 58 MPs give notice for Pardiwala’s impeachment

New Delhi, Dec. 18 : At least 58 Rajya Sabha MPs on Friday gave the notice for the impeachment of Gujarat High Court Judge JP Pardiwala for his alleged anti-reservation remarks.

Signatures of at least 50 members are required for moving such a motion.

Yesterday, the Members of Parliamentary Standing Committee on SC/ST at a meeting in Parliament House had condemned the remarks by Justice JP Pardiwala and resolved to stage a protest in front of BR Ambedkar’s statue on December 23.

Pardiwala, while declining to drop the charge of sedition against Patel quota stir Patidar leader Hardik Patel, had recently said, “If I am asked by anyone to name two things which have destroyed this country or rather has not allowed the country to progress in the right direction, then the same is reservation and corruption.” (ANI)