‘Rajni Phenomenon’ is beyond explanation, feels RGV

New Delhi : Rajnikanth, the Thalavia of Indian cinema, is an unexplainable example of being superstar, feels director Ram Gopal Verma.

In a series of tweets, the 54-year-old director spoke about Rajnikanth’s aura, even after being “short, darks and without six-packs.”

“The greatest psychiatrists in the world will collapse with the challenging task of explaining the Rajni Phenomenon,” read the first tweet.

“This man by being the biggest star ever completely destroys the notion of looks being important for stardom,” wrote RGV.

“He is a bad looker,doesn’t have 6 packs ,short with a disproportionate body n knows just 2 nd half dance movements,” he continued.

“Nowhere in world a man who looks like this can be SuperStar .I wonder what he did to God that God did this to him,” he added.

“Rajni sir is ultimate proof that no one can ever fucking know why the audience likes what in cinema?” read another tweet.

The 65-year-old actor, who recently has been honoured with Padma Vibhushan, at present is busy with his magnum opus ‘2.0,’ the sequel to 2010 blockbuster hit ‘Enthiran,’ directed by Shankar. (ANI)