Rajnath Singh’s comment on Leader of Opposition issue reflects BJP’s arrogance: Rashid Alvi

Congress leader Rashid Alvi on Sunday hit back at Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh for taunting his party on the issue of Leader of Opposition’s post, saying it reflected the Bharatiya Janata Party ‘s arrogance.

“This is not a statement of Rajnath Singh, it is the BJP’s arrogance which is speaking about the stature. Now, the BJP will teach us……… It is for the interest of the nation that the LoP is recognized. There are so many Constitutional appointments which the BJP government wants to do them at its own will and hence it is making such statements,” Alvi told ANI.

Taking a jibe at the Congress party for its poor performance in the recent Lok Sabha polls, Rajnath while addressing a rally in Haryana earlier in the day said that the former has now reached a position where all their MPs could fit into a mini-bus and could be sent on a nationwide tour.

He claimed that the Congress does not have any issues related to the people in the Parliament and instead was vouching for getting the Leader of Opposition’ post.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, in a letter to the Congress, has reportedly said the party cannot get the LoP’s post as it does not have the mandatory 10 percent or 55 MPs in the lower house.

The Congress has been demanding the post, saying the 10 percent of total strength in the Lok Sabha is not mandatory for the post. It has only 44 MPs in the 543 member Lok Sabha. (ANI with inputs)