Rajkot Police to file FIR against Hardik Patel for ‘insulting’ national flag

Rajkot district superintendent of police Gagandeep Gambhir said this evening that the police would be registering an FIR against the Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel for “insulting” the national flag.

According to Gambhir, Hardik’s feet touched the national flag which he was carrying as he jumped on a car in an attempt to talk to the media when he was stopped by the police at Madhapar crossroads in Rajkot on Sunday afternoon.

“Hardik always tries to be in media…when he was stopped by police, he suddenly jumped on the roof of his car with the national flag. While doing so, the flag touched his feet, which is against the dignity of the tricolor,” said the SP.

“Whatever he has done is not allowed as per the law. So we will file an FIR for disrespecting the national flag.” Hardik was detained by police on his way to Khandheri cricket stadium in Rajkot ahead of the India-South Africa One Day International. He had threatened to stage a protest at the stadium.

Gambhir said that action will also be taken against the driver of the car in which Hardik was travelling.

“We have also seized the car as the occupants failed to produce any document related to the vehicle. The person who was driving did not have driving license,” he said.