Rajiv Gandhi died leaving the blot of Bofors scam: BJP MP Rattan Lal Kataria

Panchkula: Rattan Lal Kataria, BJP MP from Ambala said that late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has left the blot of Bofors scam for his son and Congress president Rahul Gandhi who is now criticising the government on Rafale deal.

“Rahul Gandhi’s father left stains of Bofors even after death,” said Rattan Lal Kataria.

While slamming Congress president Rahul Gandhi for criticising the government on the Rafale jet deal, Kataria said, “For Rahul, it is like ‘Laga Chunri me daag, mitau kaise’ (my stole is spotted with stains, how should I wash these)”.

Rahul Gandhi has alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PMO did “parallel negotiation” with France in the Rafale deal and favoured the deal for businessman Anil Ambani. However, Ambani has repeatedly refuted the allegation.

On the one hand, the Congress president has alleged that Modi had signed an agreement for 36 Rafale jets on April 10, 2015, without any such requirement given by the Air Force Headquarters and without the approval of the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), which are the mandated as first steps for any defence procurement.

On the other hand, the Rs 64-crore Bofors scam, relating to alleged payment of kickbacks in the procurement of Howitzer Artillery Guns, dates back to 1980s and 1990s when the Congress was in power under Rajiv Gandhi’s leadership.