Rajasthan: Victim beaten for an hour after being tied to a tree

Rajasthan: A mentally challenged man was repeatedly beaten for at least an hour by a man and a priest suspecting him to be a thief, stealing temple’s donation in Dausa district of Rajasthan.

The men assaulted the victim by tying him to a tree, beating him with sticks, punching and kicking for at least an hour before he was rescued. The incident was even recorded on video by other members showing two persons, repeatedly beating the victim with a stick by one man identified as the temple priest Umesh Das and the other Giriraj said Police. They also said the attackers have put chili on the victim’s injuries leaving him crying in pain.

Niranjanpal Singh Station House Officer, Bandikui police station said, “The incident took place at around 11 am on Saturday when the man went to the temple and allegedly touched the box where the donation is collected. Suspecting him to be a thief, the priest raised an alarm and the man was tied to a tree where he was assaulted”.

The police have booked the priest Das and the other person Giriraj and unidentified members who were involved in the attack. The victim after rescuing was later sent to a mental health facility in Jaipur on Sunday.

Similar attacks on many innocents are being reported recently from several parts of the country, many of the victims being killed in these assaults.

As Dailyhunt reported, from the lynching of a Muslim man named Pehlu Khan on 1st April by cow vigilantes in Alwar, accusing him of smuggling cattle to another incident where four Sikhs were assaulted on 24 April near Ajmer accusing them of molesting village women.

Less than a month, on May 18, the recent Jharkhand lynching, killing seven innocent men by cow vigilantes and other groups based on false rumors.

With innocent minority communities being attacked and killed under various pretexts in the country, with lawlessness being currently practiced in various states in the country by various groups, with no serious action taken against these culprits, the governments indeed are encouraging crime, the culprits and cow vigilantism in the country.