Rajasthan suspends three doctors after 86 children die in Banswara

Jaipur: The Rajasthan government on Monday suspended three doctors and put five awaiting posting orders after 86 children died in a government hospital in the state’s Banswara, an official said.

“The decision to this effect was taken after a departmental committee submitted its report to the state Medical & Health Department. Besides suspending three doctors and putting five doctors under awaiting posting orders, we have also taken disciplinary action against three other doctors and four nursing staff,” a senior official of the department told IANS.

The Rajasthan government on August 31 set up a committee to probe into alleged deaths of over 85 children in the last two months in the Banswara hospital.

Banswara’s Chief Medical and Health Officer said that the district hospital recorded death of 86 children less than one month old in the July-August period and the reasons of death vary from birth asphyxia, to low weight and pneumonia and infections among other things.

Banswara, which is mainly a tribal area, has a population of 20 lakh but only one government hospital, which suffers from lack of doctors.