Rajasthan: Dead thirsty camel creates stir on social media

Jaipur: Pictures of a thirsty young camel lying dead with its head drooping inside a dried-up water tank in Rajasthan has gone viral on social media. Officials concerned though express ignorance in the matter, even as their political bosses are busy saving their flock ahead of the crucial Rajya Sabha elections.

Residents of Barmer district confirmed to IANS that the incident was reported in Bayatu tehsil. However, Dr Ganga Dhar Sharma, Joint Director Animal Husbandary, Barmer, said, “No such information has reached out to us. We don’t have any presence on social media and hence such news failed to reach out to our department.

“Even had it reached us, what could have been done? The owners of these animals set them free to graze and drink water. They neither carry tag on their neck and hence it gets difficult for us to crack the problem.”

Many Twitter users have tagged the concerned minister for this apathy towards the key fauna of the arid state. The minister has not reverted to any of the tweets nor on the issue as they are busy “partying” in private hotel fearing poaching, slammed social media users.

Many tweets have gone viral using the hashtag #RajyaPashukoNyayDo tagging Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, government officials amongst others. All those tagged are yet to respond.

All state MLAs have been camping in a private resort to prevent their “poaching” ahead of Rajya Sabha polls scheduled on June 19.

It is not just the pictures of dead camel that have gone viral, but also of MLAs having a gala time in plush resort — they have been seen enjoying cultural evenings, kavi sammelan, cricket and badminton games.

A Twitter user, Jagdish Ram Jakhar in his tweet said: “Thousands of people paid tributes to this dead camel. However, the concerned officials neither took any responsibility on the matter nor showed any sensitivity on the issue.”

Another twitter user, Kaluram Sajnani said: “Our animals are dying thirsty searching for water, while our ministers are busy partying in five star resort. They are busy spending government money, but if an animal dies of thirst and succumbs to the thirst, then they will watch like mute spectators and will continue with their Ras Leela.”

NGO People for Animals, state in-charge of Babulal Jaju said: “The government has made camel a part of tourism but did not take measures to conserve it. Many water tanks made by the forest department in the forests are lying dry, so panthers and other wild animals are also losing their lives in search of food and water. The government should leave politics and provide water for these mute creatures,” he said.

Locals said that two camels earlier died of thirst in Nimbhadiyon ki Dhani (Bayatu tehsil) searching for water.

Camels are known as ship desert and can sustain themselves for many days without water. However, camels dying thirsty in desert is something which is happening for the first time, said a local.