Rajasthan to celebrate Valentine’s Day as ‘Matr-Pitr Pujan Diwas’

Jaipur: Rajasthan state education department released an order on 23rd April announcing that Valentine’s Day will be now observed as Matr-Pitr Pujan Diwas’ every year in the state from 2019. Moreover, the event has been included in the yearly calendar, Shivir Panchang.

The State Education Minister, Vasudev Devnani in state Assembly on March 5, had said that ‘the move has been taken to inculcate a sense of love among students for their parents. “Students should learn to love their parents first before anyone else,” Devnani said, according to a report published in India Today.

The move is being considered as to eliminate the effect of Valentine’s Day, that is globally celebrated on February 14.

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