Rajasthan: BJP is living in fantasy, wont even win 50 seats says Congress Leader Pilot

New Delhi: Key points that BJP has achieved in the past four years and 11 months is a question on the debate in Delhi and posed by leaders from Delhi.

The answer somewhat goes like this, increased rape and killing of women, especially minor children, drought, floods, acrimony, and social unrest, mob lynching, cow vigilante violence, hard Hindutva violence are some of the key point achievements the saffron party has successfully accomplished.

With elections ahead, this is the season of interviews where reporters want to know how the parties are preparing for the big election battleground that will carve the future for the next five years.

Congress leader Sachin Pilot when asked on his views about BJP gaining ground in Rajasthan, said what could the party achieve in a couple of four to five days that it could not do in huge 5 years time? Did the five-year term plan too fell short to fulfill promises the party has made to the people?

Governments before BJP could do it then why did BJP fail at not just one but many other aspects, crores of scam, crimes against minorities, minors, farmers issues etc.

And the ruling government’s negligence, arrogance and policies like over-centralisation of power, focusing on the allocation of mines, and propagating sand and liquor mafia mean people won’t give it another term.

When asked whether religion has taken a center stage this election unlike previous years, he says: Well that particular question’s answer is quite evident enough with all the bold derogatory, polarization statements made by Saffron party leaders.

BJP is playing the religion card this election and wants to change the narrative to religion, caste, gotra, Hindu-Muslim, mandir-masjid.

Instead of talking about growth, jobs, farmer suicides or price rise in their public speeches, they avoid these crucial topics.

As to BJP claims that Congress is run by one family, the Gandhis, Sachin’s response was it’s quite amusing that PM loves to talk about dynastic politics with Vasundharaji by his side.

Vasundharaji’s is a politician, her mother was one, even her sisters are politicians including her son.

But, somehow, Modi does not see dynasty politics in Vasundhara Raje or in Raman Singh whose son is an MP.

How did Congress come so far and has survived for 130 years if it is ruled by just one Gandhi family, he asked.

The answer to this question is that Congress gives importance to leaders from across the country unlike BJP, TOI reports.

“We don’t have a ‘marg-darshak mandal’ that puts leaders in cold storage. People who formed and built BJP have been side-lined. That’s the kind of work culture BJP has.”

If came to power in Rajasthan, Congress party plans to focus on job generation since the mob lynching, cow vigilantism, caste conflict all have now become a hindrance for states development.

Good administration is the key role to bring in investments to the state.

When asked about how many seats would Congress win this time he said he is not sure but regarding BJP’s win he says it will not cross 50 seats here.

They – Modi, Shah, Yogi are using their money and might only to ensure that BJP’s loss looks respectable but everyone knows that is not the true color of these leaders looking at their administration in their respective states.
People will soon teach BJP a lesson.