Raja Singh feels alone in BJP as party sidelined the controvercial MLA

Hyderabad: Alleging Bharatiya Janata Party’s state unit on Friday, Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh said that groupism is becoming high in the party.

He wrote a letter to the State President K Laxman saying that he had hoped that situation would improve after K Laxman had taken over, but was disappointed that the party continued to ignore him and was also creating obstacles in releasing his responsibilities as an MLA, reports HansIndia.

Singh said if the State unit was not happy with him, they could send him out from the party while objecting to the appointment of his opponents as constituency convenors.

When G Kishen Reddy was the State President, raw deal was issued to him and even now the situation had not changed, he claimed.

He had explained the situation to the National President Amit Shah during his recent visit, he stated.