Raja singh announces resignation to party, urges govt to check smuggling of cows

Hyderabad: BJP MLA Rajasingh, who is representing Goshamahal Assembly constituency, made a startling announcement saying that he has resigned from the party.

Addressing a press conference at Somajiguda Press Club today, Rajasingh said he has resigned from the party to avoid any links with his cow-protection (Gow Raksha) campaign. He do not want any bad name to BJP party with his campaign as some vested persons are using the name of my party for their political mileage, he clarified.
Rajasingh said he had already sent his resignation letter to the State party president Dr K Laxman four days ago. Rajasingh, who is known as a fire brand MLA, said he is ready to sacrifice his life for the protection of cow. He has taken decision to resign from the party as some persons are trying to link with my party.

He also alleged that the TRS government has failed to control illegal transportation of cows. There were hundreds of cows being dumped in old city for the Basrid festival and these cows would be slaughtered, he said and urged Chief Minister KCR to take immediate action in this regard.

“Earlier check posts were set up at the entry point of the city to prevent illegal transportation of cows and buffaloes. But now, the government has opened only one single check post which shows its serious to protect the cows whom the Hindus worshipped as mother”, he roared. Rajasingh also said he will not hesitate to even resign from MLA post for the protection of the cows. (NSS)