Raj Thackeray upset over SC order banning minors in Dahi Handi festival

Mumbai: MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Thursday expressed reservations over the Supreme Court banning participation of minors in the ‘Dahi Handi’ festival, saying that courts should refrain from meddling in matters of tradition and culture.

“The courts should not interfere in festivals, which have been happening for years together. The courts are taking all the decisions. If this goes on, why have the Assembly or Lok Sabha elections? Let the courts decide on everything,”
Thackeray said.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to relax conditions put by the Bombay High Court like barring youths below 18 years of age from participating in ‘Dahi-Handi’ ritual of the Janmashtami festival in Maharashtra and capping
the height of the human pyramid at 20 feet.

“The judiciary has been harsh on Hindu festivals,” the MNS chief said. He questioned why no action was taken on the issue of children participating in ‘Muharram’.

“Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is not being serious enough on the Dahi Handi issue. The government should have given good lawyers in the
Supreme Court to argue our case. The Chief Minister is responsible for this,” he further added.

The ‘Dahi-Handi’ festivals in Mumbai have been a huge draw for crowds as politicians cutting across all parties promise crores of rupees for the pots to be broken, however they are kept at impossible heights.

Many people die every year after falling off the pyramid and suffer serious spinal injuries.